Effect of Design Concept to Increase Interaction in Social Media.

The importance of the idea lies in design in delivering a specific message to specific people and within specific goals, Social media has developed standards for reaching users, In the last several years, have made a video first to reach users, followed by visual images, However, how do users influence interact posts, what are the limitations of interacting with these posts? Design is of great importance in the image reflection cycle of the brand, as it affects decisions, It also contributes to supporting campaigns, and undoubtedly it also contributes to creating a mental image of the consumer. By paying attention to the details of the design and exiting the design beautifully and accurately, it creates consumer reassurance and a positive image and reflects accuracy and interest. Likewise, creating an identity, which is one of the most important things a person needs to do any successful marketing process, which is building identity and expressing the product and idea, By employing creativity and design expertise, it results in delivering the message and interacting with this message. The design affects the user through colours and shapes to create the need through the physiological effect of the user, To give a particular impression through projections of knowledge biases for each person, Which increases the impact and impact through design and make the user interact and share posts.