The Impact Of User Experience (UX) On SEO For A Winning Competitive Mix

When a person searches for a specific product, he enters a search engine such as Google, goes to the search engine archive, which includes hundreds of millions of sites and products on Internet pages, and chooses from him what provides the content that meets what wanted. Then Google ranks those sites that provide content that meets search, google shows only ten results per page, and here comes the role of some factors, including UX and SEO.

Sites are always competing to be on the first page of search results by surfers. Lately, many website owners have become interested in improving their user experience and search engines, Since this technology is an excellent way to display the page better. Because websites with these options save a lot of time and money, increase visibility and increase brand awareness and confidence.

Designing the user experience and search engines is a combination of the success or failure of the website and are the primary step. SEO brings the user to the website. The user experience makes the user follow the process of browsing and feeling happy, completes the task he is searching for and restores hatred.

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